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Billing Questions?

Once your insurance has sent payment to us we will bill the patient for any balance remaining.  

For larger treatment plans we will ask for approximately half of the balance up front and are happy to work with our patients to take care of the remaining balance.  We do offer interest-free payment plans.  

For uninsured patients we do ask that payment be made in full on the date of service.  Again, we are happy to work with our patients on larger balances and offer interest-free payment plans.

We also offer a “Membership Plan” for an annual fee (amount based on your dental treatment needs), Membership includes all “routine” preventative treatment and a 15% discount on any other treatment (fillings, crowns, endodontics, periodontics, extractions, etc.).   Please ask us for further details! 

Have any additional questions? 

Please don’t hesitate to speak with our staff.  We enjoy serving our patients and want your dental health to be a priority for your overall care!